Quietening the mind and opening the heart with sacred chant and songs of peace and devotion.

About Bharati & Dinesh

Bharati and Dinesh have been singing, chanting and sharing the path of devotion with our local community for the past sixteen years. We are lucky to live a beautiful part of the Cotswolds, near Stroud, where people love to sing and chant.

Our music is a combination of Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and English mantras, songs and chants, accompanied by harmonium, guitar and tabla or dholak (Indian drum).

Since holding our first satsang evening in our home in 2006 we have shared regular devotional singing events in Stroud, and have played at various yoga camps, interfaith gatherings, children's events, retreats, weddings and birthday celebrations. At present we mainly just do zoom sessions, but plan to hold live events locally in Spring (2024).

We feel very clear that sharing kirtan is not about performing, or about 'us'; but more about creating a space together where we can all let go into the deepest part of ourselves; a heart space where we can connect with the more profound aspects of life, touching the very essence of the rejuvenating power of awareness in this present moment.

No great singing ability is required, nor an affiliation with any religious or spiritual path; just a willingness to share in the simple joy of singing and chanting together, connecting with ourselves and others in a deeper way.

Upcoming Events

We hold regular 1 hour monthly kirtan sessions on Zoom, every 2nd Sunday of the month.

Next Zoom kirtans :

Sunday 10th March 2024, 6.30pm (Including Buddhist Chenrezig chant / Prayer / Meditation for for Compassion and World peace).

Sunday 14th April 2024, 6.30pm

No charge is made but donations can be made to the Trussell Trust Food Bank Charity

No experience necessary. All welcome. Participants are muted whilst we are singing. Contact us using the form for the Zoom link if you would like to join us.

 Bharati & Dinesh Chanting for Peace


"Thank you both for such a deep and powerful Kirtan on Sunday ….

All the music played and the chants felt so heart felt - and imbued with that steadiness of those experienced or immersed in practices … And there was a lightness too !

And Bharati, the tenderness in ‘ Peace is Every Step ‘ was beautiful , thank you …

I know you don’t ‘need’ feedback , yet wish to honour how marvellous it was and is.